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The Baby in Yellow: A Terrifying Experience of Babysitting a Supernatural Baby

The first teaser trailer that said it would be released in march but got postponed it had a place that was not in the update is it because it will be in the final chapter like it said on steam page for baby in yellow?

The Baby In Yellow is a game where you play as a babysitter who has to take care of a very naughty and creepy baby. The baby wears a yellow onesie and has red eyes that can glow in the dark. He can also levitate, teleport, and attack you at any moment. Your job is to feed him, change his diapers, put him to bed, and survive his mischief.

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"Baby in Yellow" is a horror game in which you'll play as a young girl babysitting a strange child.The games united under the title The Baby in Yellow are all creepy and share a perfect atmosphere. Pretending to be a carrying game in which you'll have to treat the child and make him feel better about fulfilling his basic needs.In The Baby in Yellow you'll be a babysitter who has to take care of a rather annoying little baby. The game takes place in three chapters and sees you doing normal babysitting tasks such as feeding the baby, changing its diapers and putting it to bed. However, the baby has a habit of sneaking away from you, opening doors, and is even partial to a bit of levitation. This is no ordinary child...The second part of a horror baby sitting game! You work as a nanny and your duty is to take care of a small child. A rather unusual one, we must admit. Again you meet the baby in a yellow t-shirt and with absolutely crazy eyes that are extremely big and stare at you in a very demonic way.

Dr. Gellner: So you bring your beautiful pink baby home and within three to five days their skin goes from pink to yellow and their eyes turn yellow. What is it? It's jaundice, and jaundice is caused by a chemical called bilirubin.Now you're baby's liver does not turn on until they are about a week old, and so all the red blood cells in their body only last a couple of days. When they start breaking down, since the liver is not turned on, the breakdown product of the red blood cells, called bilirubin, builds up in the baby's body. Until the liver is turned on and is able to break down that bilirubin, your child will continue to get more yellow. Sometimes this is a problem. Sometimes your baby's body is able to take care of it without any further complications

So how can you help your baby not have jaundice issues? You want to feed your baby frequently. Make sure your baby is making several wet diapers a day, and you want to make sure that they are starting to have bowel movements, transitioning from that sticky, tarry meconium to the loose yellow seedy types of stools that they will have once all of that is out of their system.

Three Miles Square, the first volume of the Mantz trilogy, begins with the death and burial of Iowa farmer Chris Mantz in 1910. The widow, Bessie, is left with four children, Andrew, Verney, Wolmar, and the baby, Otto. Even though there is a mortgage on the farm, the widow decides to stay and to have fourteen-year-old Andrew, the oldest son, run it until he is twenty-one. Then he will go to school and study architecture and by that time the next son, Wolmar, will be old enough to take over. Andrew operates the farm and makes improvements on it. The widow refuses a chance to remarry, but her daughter, Verney, elopes with Clem Joergensen, a member of a dredge crew working on the Mantz land. Mrs. Mantz "had hoped that her daughter would go on and get an education; do the things she had wanted to do when she was a girl."7 At the end of the novel, Andrew breaks off his engagement to one of the neighboring farm girls and goes off to Des Moines to study architecture. Chris Mantz had wanted to be an architect, but later "superimposed that ambition upon his first born!"8The second novel, The Road Returns, covers the years 1917-1923, a period of prosperity and speculation followed by ruinous decline for Iowa farmers. Wolmar Mantz runs the farm rather badly. Andrew, attending college in the capital city, is drafted at the outset of World War I and spends about two years in the army. After his discharge, Andrew loses interest in going back to school and becomes a carpenter in Des Moines. Because Wolmar doesn't like the farm, the widow sells out to the old family enemy, Sorrel Jensen, and moves to the town of Elm (Atlantic). Here Otto starts to high school and gets a job repairing clocks and phonographs, and Wolmar goes to work in a garage. Andrew gets married, loses his job, and returns to Elm looking for work. His mother asks him why he didn't go back to school after the army. "Too hard. It wasn't lack of money. I couldn't buckle down after being in the army so long."9 Andrew finds a job, loses it, and then decides to raise chickens and vegetables on a three-acre lot on the outskirts of town. Wolmar obtains an even better position as a mechanic, marries, and then borrows money from his mother to buy a small house and some land on which to build a garage of his own.The post-war recession of the early 1920's strikes rural Iowa, and the Elm Savings Bank fails in the fall of 1922, and many lose their savings. Jensen, unable to meet the payments on the farm he purchased from the Mantz family, tells the widow to take it back. "The road returns" for Andrew as he goes back to run the homeplace while Otto sets off for The University of Iowa.County Seat, the final volume of the trilogy covering the 1920’s, finds Andrew dissatisfied on the farm, Wolmar successfully operating a garage, Verney and her husband living with Mrs. Mantz, and Otto at the University. "Otto realized that he was going to college because it was a drive of his family that some one of them must get a thorough education."10 Andrew joins an older man in Elm as a partner in a contracting firm to build houses, and Mrs. Mantz rents the farm. Otto has a sordid affair with an Elm girl, graduates from Iowa, and gets a second-rate job in Chicago with the Chicago Telephone Company. Things go from bad to worse for Andrew as his partner in the contracting firm embezzles the firm's assets by playing the grain market. The partner dies and the firm is declared bankrupt. With the coming of the Depression, Otto loses his job and comes back to Elm. His return is a terrible blow to Mrs. Mantz because she believes that with his education Otto can find a "white collar" job if he wants to work hard. When Otto asks his mother to rent the farm to him, she feels that her life has been wasted. Otto tells his mother: "I believe the greatest problem in the country today is farming -- it's a problem that must be solved. I can play a part in it and that means more to me than all the white collars and money-making baloney you've allowed to influence your entire life."11 Otto, who had felt cheated because he had not had his chance to farm as did his brothers, is happy to be back on the "homeplace."12The Mantz trilogy constitutes a social and economic history of rural Iowa from 1910 to 1930, an era when many changes were taking place on Iowa farms. Ed Crosby, a friend of the Mantz family, organizes a neighborhood "meat ring" so that the farm families in "Three Miles Square" would be assured of fresh meat more often. He establishes a cooperative grain company and is involved in the organization of the Farm Bureau in the area. Farmers and their sons become increasingly machine minded. There are new crops such as alfalfa, cattle are tested for tuberculosis, and drainage projects take place.With the coming of World War I there was an increase in crop prices and land values, and for the first time some farmers began to make a good profit. They started to pay off their debts, buy new machinery, automobiles, and Delco light plants, improve their property, and sometimes buy more land. Unfortunately, some farmers thought the boom in farm prices would continue forever and borrowed money from bankers eager to lend. Speculation in land was widespread. Some farmers sold out and retired to live in county seat towns or in California.The War years saw rural Iowans buying Liberty bonds, but also engaging in ugly anti-German demonstrations. The editor of the Atlantic, Iowa, newspaper later wrote: "There was liberal use of yellow paint on the premises of some citizens, whose patriotism was doubted, many of whom, in our opinion, were innocent of disloyalty."13 Like a medieval plague, the Spanish influenza epidemic hit the United States in 1918-19. Corey's treatment of the death of a father and his two sons is a memorable episode from the trilogy.The deflation of farm prices and the collapse of the land boom after World War I bit many of the farmers very hard.14 The 1920's may have been good times for some, but not for the farmers who faced a burden of debt. A few farmers even made "hootch" from their corn crop to help pay their obligations. Change continued, however, as radios became more widespread and more people went to the movies. Hard surfacing of roads was one of the big political issues.15 The crash of 1929 and the ensuing depression brought hard times as well to the merchants, bankers, and professional men in Elm, who had invested in the stock market.Corey wrote about the Mantz family with the knowledge and experience of a youth spent in Iowa and with the eyes of an acute observer. The novels are realistic and authentic. He gives accurate descriptions of mechanical objects such as the pile driver of the bridge gang. Even the smallest details are not neglected: sick members of the family are put in the "front room" and oyster suppers are served on special occasions. More important, perhaps, are the rural beliefs and attitudes displayed by the characters in the novels: Anti-intellectualism, fundamentalism, keeping up with the neighbors, and the idea that farmers actually work but urban dwellers, such as bankers, only go to the office. Then, too, in the 1920's some farmers, clerks, merchants and others became members of the Ku Klux Klan and joined in with that organization's hatred of Catholics, Jews, Negroes, and immigrants. The changing scene of the 1920's made some men anxious, uncomfortable, and dissatisfied, and the Klan pointed to scapegoats.16 All of these attitudes can be found in the Mantz novels.In the 1940's Corey continued his life as a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. He published articles, stories, juvenile works, and practical how-to-do-it books about home building and furniture design. Acres of Antaeus, another major novel describing the battle of small farmers against corporation farms during the depression years, came out in 1946. That same year Corey began to turn over the manuscripts of his books to The University of Iowa Libraries. For the Mantz trilogy, the collection includes notes, early drafts, deleted material, final drafts or printers copies, correspondence with editors and critics, reviews and advertisements. Manuscripts for later works are also in the Library.In 1947 the Corey family moved to Sonoma, California, to the Valley of the Moon, just across from the Jack London ranch, where Paul Corey again built his own home. About the same time he was cited by The University of Iowa as one of its ninety-nine outstanding living alumni. The 1950's saw a continued output of stories, articles, and books on furniture and homes. Corey later commented on his writing of this period: "I would like to be remembered for my fiction which I feel has been a credit to me. But like a good many others, I could not make a living out of fiction, so I turned to something more lucrative which happened to be designing furniture that people could build themselves."17 In 1968 Corey published his first science-fiction novel, The Planet of the Blind (London: Robert Hale, 1968).18 He continues to live and write in California.The Mantz trilogy should be read by both social historians and those who enjoy first-rate story telling. The author purposely set out to write from a sociological viewpoint. "What I'm trying to do is an agrarian 'Middletown' -- farms can't be dealt with the same way the Lynds handled a typical town, that's the reason for my approach."19. In a review of The Road Returns, Louis Bromfield, another farm novelist, offered a suggestion which seems to apply to the whole trilogy: "Read it: aside from the pleasure you will have, you will learn much and it will do a great deal toward helping to understand this vast curious country of yours."20

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